Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Our Girl Turns 2

One of the first things that Maya says to me every morning is "Monnie's home?". Monnie is our neighbor that has the beautiful flowers. I have used her flowers for many pictures including some of the pics that follow. Maya loves Monnie and "Monnie's kitties". Monnie is kind and gracious enough to humor my daughter and take her to see the kitties very often. We help take care of the cats when they go out of town so Maya feels right at home at Monnie's.
You can see the sheer excitement with which Maya greets Shadow each and every time she gets to see him and Sir Galahad. It never gets old for Maya. The cats tolerate her which is more than I can say for our own cat, most of the time.
Shadow is sleek and talkative just like you would expect of a black cat. He likes to hide from us when we are taking care of them.

Sir is a big ol' softy. We can find him in two spots. This is the most likely, right up on the bed. The other spot is in a cat seat in the window. But 9 times out of 10 he is piled up in the sack.

Monnie's tulips were so gorgeous this year! I had to get Maya in them for some spring time pics. Pretty grape hyacinths and flox too.

We tried getting on the other side of the fence and it made a big shadow across Maya's face but I love her expression in this pic.

I tried to get some better pics the next day. The sun was shining right in Maya's face but I bribed her with the "kitties". She was actually cooperative after that bargain was made.

Could she possibly be any more beautiful? My goodness she melts my heart!!

And then all of the sudden, this girly is 2!! 2?? How in the world did my sweet, tiny baby girl become a 2 year old? And is she ever!! Rowdy, loud, in constant motion, never - stops - talking!! Her speech has gotten so clear...at least to me. She says big sentences like "Why you do dat, Mommy?" and "Wake up Daddy. It's time to eat noodles". And she fully expects an answer or a response of some kind. She says "I can do dit" and it's feudal to fight about it. She really can "do dit" most of the time. Oh I love this girl!
She loved helping make her birthday cake. And even more so loved licking the batter off of the beaters. I know, I know...she's gonna get worms! LOL! That's a load of crap...everybody loves cake batter...raw eggs and all!!

We had her party on Sunday so it wasn't actually her birthday but we really celebrated all week long. She loves that "bear in a bee suit". It was a present from last years birthday.

"Got Chocolate Icing?"

I would recommend this tricycle to any parent who doesn't want a broken back from pushing. You can even steer it with this handle. Maya has a hard time deciding on a tricycle ride or a wagon ride. So far she has gotten a Radio Flyer of some kind for each of her birthdays. The wagon last year and the trike this year. Wonder what's next?

Today Maya received this cutest little chair but we don't know who sent it. Come on...somebody fess up so we can thank you!!

We do have to send out a big thanks to everyone for all of the great gifts! We love you all!!