Monday, June 02, 2008


Could it really be that May has already come and gone??
Where does the time go these days? I find that a week or more has gone by and I haven't been online at all. Part of the problem is that I have a Wii addiction and the biggest part of the problem is that I have a 2 year old. I can't find a spare minute in the day between tending to a toddler and then playing Mario Galaxy after sweet thing is in bed. The Mario problem is about solved though. I've beat it already but still have a few stars to complete. Now it's not nearly as fun. I am expecting to get Wii Fit soon and hopefully I'll be as interested in fitness (heaven knows I NEED to be interested) as I am in intergalactic battles with Bowser & co.
Let me go back a few weeks. My second mother's day was great! I received this new super sweet, fat daddy-o Canon EOS Rebel XSi. If only I knew how to work it in something other than the idiot setting. I'm learning though so keep looking for some really good pics soon.

Maya loves Fisher and I think the feeling is mutual. He is very tolerant considering he was our one and only for 7 years before our girly came along. He still doesn't understand why we give food to the little person when she asks but when he begs he gets in trouble.

Big changes have come to Maya's bedroom. It's no longer a nursery (sniff, sniff), it's a big girl's room! Maya loves her big girl bed!! I think she sleeps better too, at least at night. Nap time is another story. The first night we got the bed, she got up about 15 minutes after laying her down. I gathered her up and put her back to bed. She hasn't gotten up through the night even one more time...yes, I knock on wood every time I tell this story. Naps have been getting shorter and shorter over the past few months. I don't think that the bed has much to do with it.
Maya has always been a good sleeper as long as she is in her own bed. Which means that, for the most part, I get sleep too. I don't know how mothers function when they don't get any sleep. Thank goodness (for all of us) I haven't had to find out either.
We put the bed on the floor for now so it will be easy for Maya to get in and out of the bed herself. She never tried to climb in or out of her crib. In fact, I could leave the side rail down and she wouldn't even try to escape. I didn't ever do this intentionally but it did happen a time or two accidentally.

I had to take this picture because I was just in awe when Maya brought her Magnadoodle to me and said "It's a monkey face, Mommy!" Then a little while later I asked her if she could draw a monkey's face and sure enough, one big circle with two little circles and a dot for a nose or mouth. She will draw it just about every time you ask. I think that's pretty darn cool!

That catches us up until last week. Last week we were at Sunset Beach, NC with all of the family accounted for this year. It was a great time. We drive most of the way on Friday and spend the night about 2 hours from the beach. Maya is a great traveler. She really is our perfect girl. Here she is with her Dad kicked back eating some "bubba"(butter).

Finally, we made it to the edge of the earth. We have been talking about the beach for about two months now. Maya was so excited when we got there. We were walking across the boardwalk from our house to the beach and I said "Maya can you hear the ocean?" She jumped up and down and said "Hear it. Can't see beach. Momma hold you!" When I picked her up she actually jumped up on my side and squealed "Beach!! Wanna swim it!" Instead, she just enjoyed standing at the edge of the water and looking out at the sea with her daddy.

This was Maya's salute to Memorial day suit. Pretty cute in her red, white and blue, huh?

More cuteness than you can stand. Prepare yourselves.

Maya drug us all up and down this beach. Chloe and Aunt Debby were good sports and walked and swung Maya until they were all ready for a minute in the shade.
We had great tide pools at low tide right in front of our house. The ocean was still rather cool but the pools were shallow and warmed quickly in the hot sun.

The wagon was so handy again this year. It was all Maya could do to keep her eyes open for the ride home.
We have to shoot the family portrait every year. We waited until Friday night this year and the light was terrible. My camera has a setting that will take multiple pics on the timer setting. We didn't know that would happen so we made the best of it.
Good bye Sunset Beach. See you next time.