Sunday, November 01, 2009


We spent the first two weeks of October recovering from Maya's tonsillectomy. We tried to stay close to home because I just could not imagine her getting sick on top of a throat stripped of it's tonsils. The flu, swine and others, have been running rampant around here. She was out of school for a week and I think we may have left the house once. Fisher was thrilled to have us here with him all week.

She spent (and is still spending) lots of time drawing and coloring. Here is a family portrait by Maya.

And here is her holiday drawing with a bat, bunny, her name and "ear microphones", hee hee.

We busted out the ol lava lamp for Maya. After being home for a while we were really searching for entertainment.

Finally feeling nearly 100% we were able to get outside and enjoy some of the beautiful fall days. Playing and working!

Then came Halloween! Maya's very most favorite of all holidays! Our first Halloween activity was a pumpkin hunt at church. To bad it was rained out but they still got to pick a pumpkin and paint it and they did get outside to "hunt" their treat bags.

Next was our local library Halloween party. She had a great time with all of the games and crafts and of course, the candy. The only thing that freaked her out was "feeling the creepy fings(things)".

This is Maya with her friend Amy. Amy does the Books n' More story time at the library. Maya loves Amy. She does a great job with stories and activities for the preschoolers.

Next was the Halloween party and parade at school. I love to go into Maya's class just to watch the kids interact. They were even more fun in their costumes.

Then yesterday we carved our pumpkin. It was a beautiful day. It was 80 degrees and, for the most part, sunny.

Tonight finally brought an end to the Halloween festivities. Instead of having trick or treat on one of the past two beautiful nights, we get tonight. Cold and damp. So, we went to 4 houses and then came back home. I think Maya had as much fun giving out treats as getting them.

Our beautiful princess Belle!