Thursday, July 19, 2007

We're Still Here

There has not really been much going on around here these days. Just trying to survive the heat and watching the changes in our beautiful daughter day by day...some for the good and some not so much. Maya is now having some serious separation anxiety. She has not even been tolerating her Dad. This has gotten so bad that I was not able to go to work last night. My Mom was supposed to keep Maya until Mike got home from work. Maya and I went to Mom's house early yesterday. I thought if we spent most of the day there that my leaving wouldn't be too bad...wrong. Throughout the day I would try to sneak away or tell Maya I was going to the kitchen and I would be right back but to no avail. She would fall to pieces as soon as she noticed I was gone or as soon as I turned my back and would not settle down or accept comfort from my Mom or my sister. Neither of these people are strangers to her. She will not let anyone else hold her. I just didn't feel comfortable leaving her for 8 hours not knowing how things would work out. So we'll try it some day when I can go away for just a little while and can come back as needed. Sorry NICU.
On the happier side, Maya still loves her bath.

and brushing her teeth.

Thank goodness since she also loves corn on the cob. She hasn't really eaten this much of this corn. Mike or I will eat our corn and leave her a few rows to gnaw on. She loves it and says mmmmm while gnawing.

We pulled out the sidewalk chalk for the first time. She wasn't too into it but enjoyed watching me draw and always enjoys being outside in the buff as long as she has her "bip bops" on.

We had a wonderful and much needed visit with our local friends who were in China while we were. Both Emma (left) and Klaire (center) are just gorgeous and getting so big. They look like little girls now instead of the little babies that we brought home just 4 1/2 months ago. All three of our girl's birthdays are within a week of each other.

Emma is a beauty with such a calm demeanor. She was the Buddha baby but now is just a solid little girl. Emma sat in her swing and just took it all in while Maya and Klaire let it be known that they were none too happy about the swings.

Klaire was the life of the party when we arrived. Her Daddy sat her on the slide and said, "one, two.." and Klaire said, "Tee!" and slid right down with a look of total terror on her face until she hit the bottom where she smiled her gorgeous 4 tooth grin and laughed out loud.

Usually it's the child who puts the shoes on the wrong foot but I have to take the blame this time. Now that's pathetic but kinda cute huh? I'm just glad that I noticed it before we got out in public.

I'll leave you with this last picture and only say this...I love this girl!!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Snip, Snip

The deed is done...Thank goodness! Maya's tongue is no longer tied. The procedure took all of about 5 minutes and she is just fine now. Her mouth was numb for an hour or so afterwards but after that wore off she was just the same as ever. Granted, I kept her dosed up with Tylenol but she's really been the same ol' babbley girl. She has actually eaten better today than a lot of days. I think the worst part was being away from Mom and Dad and being swaddled up tight. I haven't seen in her mouth well enough to tell how much different it looks under her tongue but can already tell she is moving her tongue around more. She fell asleep while taking her bottle before bed tonight and I could see her moving her tongue around in there when she was finished. It was much more flat and not all balled up like it used to be. I think she was able to get more suction on her bottle too. She used to bite the nipple a lot but there was no biting tonight and she kept a good tight seal around the nipple throughout the entire feeding. I'll have to check it out but didn't want to bother it or draw her attention to it today. The nurse said it would probably feel like a pizza burn or a canker sore under there for a day or two. She didn't get any stitches.

How funny are these 4x4 pajamas?!! Pajamas are one of the only things that Maya is in need of...well, not anymore. Since it's July and time to put out the Christmas trees and winter coats (ggrrr), Walmart (Paul!) had some of their summer pj's on clearance. I refuse to pay full price for summer pj's that she'll only wear for a couple of months. There was not one single pair of girls pj's on the rack. So Maya ended up with these camo boys pj's. Notice the bow in her hair just in case there was any doubt.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Maya's Purse

This Bitty Betsy Vera purse has been hanging on Maya's closet door since October of last year. A week or so ago she pulled it off and handed it to me. I put a few things in it and she laid it down and never looked at it again until yesterday. Well, she has almost not been without it since. I put some old used up gift cards, my old cell phone which still works but will not make a call, her sunglasses and a watermelon lipgloss in it today. She thinks she is hot stuff carrying around that purse. When we left the house today she had to take her purse with her just like her Mom. How funny! Until today she has not showed much attachment to "things" except her lovie which she doesn't have a problem leaving but likes to have it when she takes a bottle and a nap.

Maya has just learned how to zip and unzip bags. Now nothing is safe. I discovered this when I went to check on a quiet girl in my bathroom and my makeup was scattered all over the floor with Miss Chickie zipping and unzipping the bag. Maybe that is part of the fascination with this little purse.

Honestly, I haven't been keeping Maya's hair in pony tails but was inspired by Carrie when I saw how stinking cute Audrey looked with her "pixie tails" so I tried two instead of one. I couldn't get them straight so I went back to one lonely tail. But here is a pic of the crooked tails.