Monday, December 08, 2008


Mike said to me today, "You need to start taking more pictures". He's right. I've been seriously slacking on the picture taking lately.
We were busy in November with getting new hardwood floor upstairs and painting. We are still busy in December with it all. But it's so worth it. Our new floors are beautiful! And so is this gorgeous girly sitting so nicely on the new floor to show it off.

Maya has moved on from the cheese face for pictures to the sad face. Pretty sad, huh?

If there is something sitting around that is Maya size, you can bet she's gonna be in it.

Even if it's almost not Maya size. Little squirt...who fits in a stew pot?! (another good shot of my pretty new floor!)

We had a few warm days early in the month. Mike and Maya spent those warm evenings burning up what was left of our sparklers. Most nights Maya still asks to play with them.

I love surprise pictures that I find when I download pics from my memory card. Mike and Maya one of those warm days. Guess I was working. Wish I could get her to smile like that.

Another little treasure. Such a big girl!

"Look Momma! She has flowers in her hair!"