Sunday, March 23, 2008

What Color are Your Eggs?

Lellow, boo, geen, ohzoh or peek?

Happy Easter!

Or "E-stew-a" according to Maya.
We haven't been to church since last Easter. But, this morning we braved it again. Maya had her Easter frock on so we had to go somewhere. She sure looked beautiful!! She was a very good girl at church.

It was cold but very sunny this morning. Then the day turned cloudy and it was sprinkling by evening. This sweet sugar warmed my heart all day long.

Bock bock...Tanks E-stew-a bunny!

We colored eggs Friday night. I was looking forward to and frightened at the same time about letting Maya near the dye. It all turned out fine. Very little mess because she was more interested in putting the sticker faces on the eggs.

My two favorites!

Bye bye bottle. This is the last bottle for our big girl. Tomorrow will be one week without her nightly bottle. Just as I suspected she could give a rat's @**. I'm sure I miss it more than Maya.

Maya's great aunt and great uncle came in to visit from Louisiana. She was her usual cheesy self for all the pics. L-R great aunt Bessie, Maya, great Grandma, great uncle LuDell.

Dad's best birthday present!!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Playing Catch Up

Holy Cow!! Where does the time go? So sorry to keep all of our faithful viewers/readers waiting when so much has been going on. Hope everyone hasn't given up on us. I haven't been near the computer for more than a week. We have all been sick and out of town for the past two weekends. I'll try to catch you all up quickly.

First and most importantly, we celebrated our 1 year Family Day on 2/25. We met the Lazars in Charlotte, NC for a (too short) weekend of reminiscing and good times. We feel so fortunate to have gained not only our forever family with our beautiful Maya but a forever friendship with the Lazars. Maya and Ella shared a room at the House of Grace and we have every intentions of keeping these girls connected. Shouldn't be too hard since we have such a great time together. We love those guys!
We visited a kid's library called Imaginon and a kid's museum called Discovery Place in Charlotte. We all had a great time and are already looking forward to our next get together.
I can't believe it has already been a year. But in the very next thought I can't believe it has only been a year. So much has changed in the past year. Maya has grown and flourished into such a peaceful soul. We are so blessed with our sweet girl. So, so blessed!!
We didn't do anything out of the ordinary for Family Day except drive back home from Charlotte. Every day is a celebration with Maya.

Our girl is a multi-tasker. She can color and give herself a neb treatment at the same time. Poor girly was so congested. Thank goodness she didn't run the 104 fever that I did. Man, a fever sure makes you feel like crap! She loved the dragon mask on the nebulizer. We would say "let's do a dragon" and she was ready. She really didn't mind the treatments but would rather do it herself than have me or Mike help her. What a big girl. The treatments worked like a charm. So far, she's all better.

We're still enjoying our Clay Center membership. We really have a good time when Klaire and Emma come. Unfortunately, we missed our Family Day celebration day with them. They all went to see Nemo on Ice but we had to skip it because of the crud we all had.

Mike was kinda cat napping on the couch and Maya was playing around behind it where her kitchen is. I had to leave to get my hair cut. So, I woke Mike up and gave kisses all around. Mike says this is the next thing he saw. Yes, that's dirt from the ficus tree all over the floor and Maya and everything else in the general vicinity. I'm still sweeping dirt up off the floor. She doesn't look guilty or anything, huh?

Last week we decided to try playing in the snow again. I don't think Maya hated it as much as she did the first time but still didn't care much for it. The sleigh ride was not fun. Fisher barked and barked and the snow blew up into Maya's face. All she really had to say about it was "DONE!"

Then today it was 75 degrees! We were nothing but happy!! And tomorrow we will probably be sick again.

And lastly, a big ol' THANK YOU for all of the bows we received doing the bow exchange. We love them and Maya can't wait to wear them all.