Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Once a month?

I honestly haven't intentionally been posting only once a month. But it seems like that is the way it's going. I have actually considered hanging it up entirely. But I know that our family and friends would be so very disappointed :( So, bear with me as I figure out what I'm going to do about this blog. And please, give us some feedback on what you all think. But, while I'm deciding what to do here are some pics from the past month.
This little beauty was taken just yesterday. I love this giraffe dress that Maya's grandma bought her at Christmas time. I can't believe how well it fits now. I think it was nearly dragging the ground when she got it. I also love this expression on Maya's face.

We spent a weekend in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge last month to celebrate the marriage of my niece. Maya was all about riding the merry-go-round until she got on it and then she would have nothing but a ride on our laps. Almost every day she says, "She ride marry-go-round. She ride zebra." There was a zebra and that was what she wanted to ride on but when we sat her on it she didn't want anything to do with it. And yes, she often refers to herself as "she".

A rare decent shot of the three of us. I am usually behind the camera not in front of it. As you can see here, I couldn't even get mine down quick enough for my sister to get this pic.

Our beauty on the porch at the cutest, tiniest wedding chapel I've ever seen.

Maya and her cousin Lilli.

Maya loves her some Aunt (cousin) Sarah. Maya is pretty slow to warm up to people. Even our family that she sees very often. But not Sarah. She will usually go right to Sarah and will seek her out when we are all together. Granted, there are a bunch of us. I have 5 brothers and sisters and their significant others, 9 nieces and nephews and their counterparts, a great niece and a great nephew (and another one on the way). So when we are all together, it's a crowed for sure. And usually when we get together, we are almost all there as most everyone lives close.

The beautiful bride and groom Samantha and Randy.

She takes my breath away.


It's not easy to get a 2 year old and a giant dog to both pose for a pic but this one turned out pretty good except for the big smudge on my lens...hmmm, wonder who's tiny fingerprint created that??

One of Maya's favorite things to do is play in her jewelry box. She will put it all on then take it all off and then do it all over again. Usually if she is being too quiet in her room that is what she's doing...usually.