Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Well, October came and went and not much went on around here after our trip to the OBX except for raking leaves and Halloween. We have two big trees in our front yard that give us plenty of leaves to rake into big ol' piles for Maya to jump in and kick and slide into.

Our little skeleton posing by the mailbox flag.

We of course had to carve another pumpkin after we got home since we had to leave the witch pumpkin in NC. We decided to try the traditional carving route instead of the stencil. Maya thought it was pretty fun to dig the guts out of the pumpkin.

She also enjoyed drawing on one with a marker. I don't know why I gave her a dry-erase marker. It was much more of a mess than any other type of writing utensil would have been.

But she sure didn't care. She was just glad to be coloring on the pumpkin.

She wanted a happy pumpkin.

The temperature was in the 50s on trick or treat night. I was so happy that I had found this little Minnie Mouse costume. It was warm and fuzzy and it had a full hood. Maya would never tell me what she wanted to be for Halloween. She would only say what she didn't want to be. "I don't wanna be a ghost. I don't wanna be a witch. I don't wanna be..." I think Minnie Mouse was a fine choice.

Me and my Minnie.

Maya and her friend Ellie.

The popcorn ball was by far Maya's favorite treat.

We took some sparklers to the OBX and Maya has asked her Dad every night since we've been home to "play with sparklers, Dad!" Don't think for one minute that he's gonna tell her no.

Meet the newest member of our family. He was born the first week of November but I can't wait till the end of the month to post his sweet face. This is Maya's cousin, Carson. Oh! I could just pinch this tiny red headed man!! Welcome to our world precious boy!