Tuesday, May 05, 2009


April was full of fun, friends and family. Oh, and don't forget BIRTHDAYS!!

We started the month in a cabin in the woods (by the window a little man stood...la la) with our great friends the Lazars. We were so happy that they made the trip to WV and that we got to get together with them again so soon after spending our 2 year family day anniversary just a few weeks ago.
It was quite a few days with my truck thermometer reading 80 degrees when we got there on Saturday. Then leaving on Monday with at least 3 inches of snow on the ground. I did not take even one pic of the girls in the snow. I am SO over the cold!! And as I type this tonight, I am even more SO over the rain that has nearly washed us away this week.
Both little and big people alike had a great time. We celebrated birthdays one day and Easter then next. Ella and Maya had cupcakes that they made and tiaras to wear for their birthday party. Then they had Easter bonnets and baskets to hunt eggs. They spent a little time in the hot tub with Evan. And they ran and played and stirred and ran and played some more. The stirring was all Maya's idea as she has some crazy obsession with stirring. We put some of Maya's panties on Ella and she's been potty training ever since. What are friends for?!
The boys, including Fisher took a little hike out to Long Point to get a great view of the New River Gorge and the bridge. Laura and I never left the cabin. We enjoyed a relaxing time just being together.
We are so thankful for the friendships that we likely would have never made if not for the blessing of our girls. Cosmic alignment, the hand of God, fate, luck...call it what you will. It's truly amazing how much happiness these little girls can bring into your life and not just with their presence but with everything the whole process encompasses.

Maya got some new cute birdy bedding. I don't know who loves it more. She and I both are wild about it.

Then we went to see the Easter bunny. Oh what fun! Maya was thrilled as evidenced by the enormous grin on her face. Show her a big ol' furry bunny or some random giant circus character and she's all smiles but if it has a human face (think Santa) forget it.

Then the bunny came to see Maya. Once again, the girl was ecstatic.

I thought I'd try some sponge curlers for a fancy Easter do for Maya. She sat very still and let me put the curlers in. She never tried to take them out while her hair was drying. And she was excited when it was time to take them out.

It looked really cute after I fixed it! But this picture was before I fixed it. She wouldn't hardly let me take a pic after I took the curlers out. I laughed while I was taking them down and Dad was taking pics. I laughed because it was so cute and so curly. But I hurt her feelings and I felt like a dog! She HATED it. She almost cried and so did I. She didn't want to go to my sisters. She didn't want pictures. She didn't want us to look at her. It was awful! She said "Fix it mommy. Make it back to Maya's hair! I don't want to go to Aunt Robin's!"

So after taking the flat iron to it and much explanation as to why I laughed and many apologies she was ready to go have Easter dinner with the family. I had to call and warn everyone not to mention her hair. It was still pretty fluffy but not curly and that was ok with Maya. I should have known better. Our girl is super sensitive but puts up a strong front. Sometimes I forget how fragile she truly is.

All was well once we got there and she got to play with her Brycie.

One of her latest face drawings. She asked for a pic of it as her Aunt Judy and Racheal looked on.

Here's the conversation:
me: "Let's put on your earth day shirt."
Maya: "Today's my birthday?!"
me: "No, not today. But it will be soon. Today is earth day not your birthday."
Maya: "Mom! Those are rhyming words!"
Smarty pants.

I almost missed the spring wild flower pics at our neighbors this year. It's been a wet and cold spring. While we were walking by her house one day Maya said she wanted her picture in Monnie's flowers. So we went right home and got the camera.

This is one of the last ones I took. Her expressions says it all. Enough mom. I just want to smell the flowers now.

Then we finished off the month with a birthday trip to the Outer Banks. We had a great time and great weather.

3! Yes, 3. My sweet tiny baby is still sweet but she has become such a big girl. Wow! Does anyone know how to slow down time?

Happy Birthday, angel! So. Much. Love.!