Thursday, April 16, 2009


March is one of those months when the weather can go from 70's and sunny to 20's and snowing in the course of a day. But the snowy, cold days are soon to be gone and it can't come soon enough. We are taking advantage of the warm days to get some outside play time. We've sure missed that.
We spent one afternoon with Julianna and Jaclyn. The girls had a great time taking a little hike, building fairy houses, swinging and sliding.

All of the fairy house building has brought out the fairy in our girl. She can't wear just the wings though. She has to have a "beautiful princess dress" too. And of course, a flash light or two are always part of the costume.

I've put her to work doing dishes...not really! She does love to play in the sink. Maybe I should give her that job, LOL!

"Mom, take a picture! I'm sittin on Fisher!" Thank goodness he's a good boy. And thank goodness she doesn't weigh much. You can tell by the look on his face that he's really enjoying his rider. We often have a talk about not sitting on Fisher. Or not pulling Fisher's tail. Or not chasing Fisher with the stroller. I know she loves him but she sure does hassle him. But then in the next minute she's gently patting his head or laying her head on him and giving him kisses. (Sorry to anyone who is not a dog person but we always kiss our dog. He is our furry child and we love him) She has started calling him Ben Ben. Don't know where that came from.

This one was, "Mom, take a picture of Ben Ben and Maya and Baby Hippo". I'm just so amazed that she's asking to have her picture taken these days. My, my how they change!

Back to the sand table and she loves it as much this year as she did the last. I can't wait till it's warm enough to put water in it instead of sand. The sand and our new wood floors aren't getting along very well. I looked out and this is what I saw. I asked Maya what she was doing. She never even turned around and said, "Being lazy."

Happy Birthday to Daddy!!

Dad's best present!!