Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The last month of 2008 blew in and out just as every other month has. Time could not go faster...could it? Please...no!
We started most mornings the same as we always do except Maya started many of these December days with her reindeer antlers on. And as always, Fisher is never far.

We don't get much playing outside time these days. It isn't always too cold. But it's usually muddy and sloppy. We do take advantage of those few and far between days when we can get outside.

We made a new discovery this month. I've always wanted to try these baby bananas. Don't know why I waited so long. They are delicious. Maya loves them too and will eat 2-3 of them.

We baked cookies.

Then we were sick for weeks.
We did a family pic with the McFees while visiting for Christmas. Notice how Maya is a limp noodle. We were all surprised that Maya was still awake when the photographer was finished.

The grandkids.

Maya asked for a doll house for Christmas. And specifically "I want a Goodbee doll house, momma" is what she would say. Well Grandma and Grandpa came through with the doll house. She was (and still is) so excited! She walked around and around the box rubbing her hands on it saying, "It's just what I wanted! It's just what I wanted!" She only stopped playing to eat and go to the potty all day. And I mean, all day.

This is our Christmas angel! My favorite Christmas present again this year!!

Don't think that Fisher is not going to be right in the middle of Christmas morning.

Hey! How cute am I with my new markers all over my face?!!

We brought in the new year at Pawley's Island. It was a good time. Being on the edge of the earth is always good times for me.

All the girls.

I'll leave you with a few of this years Christmas pics.

Happy New Year!!