Sunday, August 09, 2009


OK, I've tried and tried to move these pictures around. Aside from starting over, I'm not sure what else to do. I can't seem to rearrange and of course, I didn't upload them in order because I've never had a problem moving them around after loading them. So, in an effort to get this July post up before the end of August I'm leaving them the way they are. Sorry for the complete disorganization. I'll do better next time.
After finding and eating all the raspberries, Maya had to love on Fisher since he didn't get to eat any raspberries. I guess she was feeling sorry for him.

We were so happy that Teresa and Molly (and Korinne) came to visit for a couple of days. Maya still asks when Molly is coming back to her house.

The girls were eager to help make french toast for breakfast.

They enjoyed a little snuggle under Molly's soft butterfly blanket.

Maya started telling me how to spell her name about a month ago. Then about a week later she wrote it on the driveway with chalk, completely unprompted, and totally on her own. Needless to say, I was amazed. Now she practices every chance she gets. We are so proud of our big girl!

We managed to pull off a surprise birthday party for my Mom. She was truly surprised and loved every minute of it. Here she is with her great grand kids and Maya who is a "great" grand kid but just a granddaughter. And don't forget Buddy the dog.

These next 4 pics were taken when Maya and I went to check on our grapes and found raspberries as well!

A delicious bite!

This is what I found when I looked in to the grapes. Few green grapes and many raspberries.

This is the grape pile. We have cut these grapes back several times and then never do anything else with them. We would like to build a little arbor but have many, many more things on our list of things to do that are more important. The grapes don't usually amount to much anyway. It seems like they are green then they are gone. I think the critters get to enjoy them more than we do.

We made it to the Kanawha State Forest for a picnic and playing in the creek.

We had a great time in Pigeon Forge at the Cirque de Chine's Adopted Chinese Children Reunion. They had lots of traditional Chinese games and activities. Most of them were a little too old for Maya to participate in but she still had a blast. The show was good and the food was EXCELLENT!!

Posing with Dad in Tennessee.

This is the original name on the driveway. I am still astounded. I was messing around in the yard and Maya says, "Mommy! I wrote my name!" She sure did.