Thursday, August 21, 2008

In the Sweet Bye and Bye

Last night we lost my dear, sweet Momaw Malla. It's never easy to say goodbye but unfortunately it's an inevitable fact of life...damn it!
Love you so much, Momaw.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


We are deep in the heat of summer around here and loving every minute of it. Maya proudly sports her Hello Kitty sunglasses and her new Jack's Big Music Show shirt. And nothing else but a her panties (yes, panties...we've been potty training around here too. She does great for me but doesn't always tell anyone else when she needs to go, like if she's home with her daddy or staying with momaw) and those damned Ariel shoes. You'll see them on her in nearly every picture. She looks for them first thing in the morning and will put them on herself. Sometimes on the right foot but she always says "wrong foot" when she puts them on.

"Ol' big horse" (AKA Fisher) and Maya.

I picked up this Power Wheels VW beetle at a consignment sell this weekend. It's too cute! Maya would rather just get in and out of it than drive it.

She doesn't like to push the pedal to make it go so she just sits in it and says "I'm driving! I'm driving!" and looks cute.

Since I'm only doing these posts once a month now I thought I could at least indulge you in a little video time. Maya loves "dunkins" (dumplings) and so does Ho Ho from Ni Hao Kai Lan, a show that Maya watches occasionally on Nickelodeon.

We have not had much rain this summer that has not been accompanied by lots of lightening and thunder and Maya always wants to go out and get wet when it's raining. So, last week we awoke two days in a row to nice summer showers with no threatening lightening. Out we went before even eating breakfast. It was a blast. Maya likes to hold her golf clubs up like this and says the club is her "ba-ella" (umbrella).

Believe me when I say that anywhere we are, Fisher is always close by. Usually right under our feet.

Splashing in the (nearly non-existent) puddles!

We went to Darya's birthday party this month. Maya had a great time and due to the safari theme left there with a fabulous blow up giraffe that has been one of her favorite things since then.

Just in case you've ever wondered what a giraffe says...

Maya's first ride on the lawn tractor. She thought she was big stuff on there.

Here are some of Maya's recent magnadoodle drawings.

"It's a dinosaur, Mommy!" Wow!! it really is a dinosaurs!

This has been my favorite face so far. I love the hair!