Saturday, October 31, 2009


Oh, I am so far behind! Now that those words are out of the way I am going to try to catch up.
Let me see if I can remember all the way back to the beginning of September. It seems like forever ago. As I look at these pics with green trees and grass and us wearing summery clothes it just doesn't seem possible that it was just two short months ago.
We started September with a new adventure...preschool! Maya went right in the first day and hardly looked back. Not a tear least by her.

She is in class with one of her BFFs, Klaire. What a couple of cuties these girls were on their first day of school! (as if they aren't every other day, ha!) Klaire's momma and I really have enjoyed the girls being able to be in class together. We especially enjoy the time that we get to spend together while they are there! Nothing like a little Momma time at the gym and shopping. According to someone behind us on the treadmill, our hands move quicker than our feet.

We went to see Grandma and Grandpa in Tennessee. That is always a great trip so we decided to extend it a little this time. It was a much more relaxed trip by adding on a couple of days. Maya was able to see her great grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Here she is waiting for everyone to arrive. Once everyone was there I guess I forgot how to use my camera.

As an added and so, so welcomed bonus the Lazars came to Tennessee to visit too! Every time we get together with them the girls take right off where they left off. As if they've never been apart.

Then we came home and Maya got sick. Maybe freezing in the pool had something to do with it. Thank goodness it was a quick sickness because she was scheduled to get her tonsils about a week later. This girl loves her nebulizer and will ask to "do a dragon" when she's sick and not breathing well. She knows what works.

The tonsils are gone and this is why. Those things were nearly touching back there. We have always had problems with Maya eating. She would only take tiny bites, one kernel of corn, one noodle, one piece of cereal etc. I had to cut everything into little pieces. It wasn't just her being picky. She simply wouldn't eat if it wasn't something small or soft. The girl weighed 26.5 lbs on the day of her surgery. She is almost 37 in. tall. Then came the obstructive sleep apnea. Do you know how scary it is to listen to your child suffocating while she sleeps? It was particularly bad in her car seat. The two weeks before her surgery were very, very bad.
She did great with the surgery. It was outpatient and she came right home and ate 2 cans of chicken noodle soup, never required anything more for pain than Tylen0l and recovered like a champ. We don't even hear her breathing now and she's taking big, mouthful bites.

She's been on a big drawing spree again lately. She has gotten really good at coloring and staying in the lines and has been particularly creative and imaginative. Here she is posing with her unicorn.

Check out more drawings in October.


Carrie said...

So glad she made it through her tonsil ordeal ok! We went through the EXACT same thing with Isaac when he was four. He NEVER slept through the night until after his surgery and then it was amazing! He slept and grew so much!! Looks like you guys are doing wonderful!

Raych Stangle said...

oh my goodness. so glad she did so well. those tonsils man they can be buggers! she is too adorable for words. I love her little outfit and wonderful drawing of a unicorn. (that sucker should be framed)